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  • Searching Sandman – Issue Six, with our First Guest Star David M. Brown

    The sixth issue of Sandman is in my memory, the most horrific issue in the entire series. When I introduced my girlfriend at the time (now my wife) to Sandman, this story nearly turned her off of the series. And rereading it I can see why. This issue seems to show Gaiman reaching down to find the most […]

  • Searching Sandman – Issue 5

    I reread issue 5 and was worried. Nothing jumped out at me like it had in earlier issues, but then it hit me. Most of the things I’d noticed and written about were on a micro level. Canted angles to create the feeling of a dream state. Planting seeds which will pay off later. But […]

  • Searching Sandman – Issue 4 part 2.

    I usually start these essays with a spoiler warning. And so I’m sort of doing it now. But it really isn’t a big spoiler to say the following: DREAM IS A REAL DICK. In issue 1 Morpheus condemns (with good reason) the son of his captor to an everlasting nightmare. Brutally forcing him to forever “wake […]

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