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  • Searching Sandman will return, but I don’t know when.

    I had a really great idea at a really bad time. I’d read an issue of Sandman and highlight something I learned from it as a creator. It’s my favorite series ever, so there’s a lot to learn. Too much actually. I had the ludicrous notion that I could read an issue a night and […]

  • Separating Diana from the DCU

    Three things you need to know before I begin: 1)     I loved Wonder Woman. 2)    I feel Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad are all so bad they can only be enjoyed if you’re Mystery Science Theater 3000ing them. 3)     It’s okay if you don’t agree with […]

  • Searching Sandman #6, David Brown Part 4

    Welcome back to Searching Sandman, my personal journey into my favorite comic series ever (well tied, as I have Bone and Locke and Key on my personal comic Mount Rushmore next to it) with the direct goal of learning from the Sandman team how they made anything this frigging good.  If this is the first […]

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