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  • State of the Kechal Comics Union

    It’s February 22nd, 2016 and I’ve got a minute. I hope you do too. If so, let’s chat. Or let’s have me write some stuff and hope it inspires you to write back here or on twitter or Facebook or whatever so we can chat. The year so far is shaping up to be one […]

  • What to do when Powerball jackpot reaches 1.3 billion dollars

    Since graduating college in 1997, I have been an intern at 20/20, a production assistant at ABC News, an NFL writer for Maxim Magazine’s website, a bartender, a casino dealer, an aspiring screenwriter and now an enthusiastic writer and begrudging publisher of indie comics. The only thing I’ve done consistently in that time is play […]

  • NYCC and Comixology special

    Long time, no blog. Though for me, not even close to a record! I’ve been swamped with work and delivering the Kickstarter rewards for the Tart #5 campaign. And now I’m preparing for the New York Comic Con this October 8th-11th. Which brings me to this blog post. NYCC is officially the largest Comic Convention […]

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