A load off our back

As of this morning Ludo shared the files for Tart #5 with our contacts at Kraken Print. I can’t tell you how much of a relief this is.

You get the book finished, you plan a campaign, you run that campaign, you complete that campaign… and the crunch is still not over.

We had to organize the Kickstarter backer page, the ad page for The Local Comic Shops that supported us and the inside front cover with credits, “The Story So Far,” the boring legal mumbo jumbo etc. After I help Ludo organize, he has to do the real work and put all of that together. As usual he did a beautiful job and we are ready to get to printing.

It’s a two month weigh lifted off my shoulders. Now when they arrive that weight will slam right back onto my back in the form of delivery responsibilities. But for now… peace.


A cool thing we were able to do is print some of the fan art, and photos of two of the women who cosplayed Tart over the last year in the book. We didn’t publicize it before because you always have to leave wiggle room in your plans in case something comes up. But they’re in there and we’re very happy with it.

We can never promise printing anything like this again, but it is such an honor to see someone drawing, painting or cosplaying our characters that I bet we’ll try.

Hint. hint.


In all honesty, I read Tart 5 comic for the first time in months and am very, very proud of it. I think you all are going to dig it so much.


In other news:

My wife and I finally got to see Age of Ultron yesterday. I don’t have anything very specific to say besides I agree with anyone who said something like, “It’s not perfect, but it’s a heck of a lot of fun!”

My wife was way more negative about it and we’ve been talking the last 24 hours about it. It’s so interesting to me as we’ve both pretty much been over the moon with every MCU film until now. Well, we never saw the Ed Norton Hulk and Iron Man 2 wasn’t that hot. But other than that. Greatness!

I can hear her criticisms and see they have merit in how she formed her decisions. And I respect her opinions on the matter (If you like Tart, you probably respect her opinions as well, because she is the first reader of anything I write. Ludo only gets a script after it has the Janet Joseph Stamp of Approval).

But none of those criticisms change the fact that sitting in that theater, I had a ball.

Oh well. Not going to get into any of the spoilers, you might be like me and unable to get there opening weekend. And I’m definitely not going to get into the anger that it apparently ignited for some. I don’t understand it well enough to even speak on it.



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