Announce Your Intentions

     We’re a few days from the launch of our third Kickstarter campaign and I have about a thousand little things to do. Instead, I’m writing this post.
      The reason I’m neglecting those responsibilities is that I feel crowdfunding campaigns should be reciprocal. If I’m going to ask everyone I know to help me, it’s only fair to help others when I think I can. Because this epiphany just hit me, I want to get it out to you before it gets lost in an avalanche of edits and emails.
      The meat of what I want to talk about is in the title: Announce Your Intentions. What I mean by this is, when you know you want to do something (anything really), let your friends, family, audience etc know you’re going to do it. But be specific. Tell them exactly when and how you’re going to do it.
      Because then you’ll have to. No excuses.
      Tart #5 was completed months ago. With con season, the holidays and taxes all coming one after the other I set a target of mid-February to start the campaign. I didn’t tell anyone.
     Work got busy. The kid got sick. Ludo was swamped. I looked up and it was Valentine’s Day and we’d done exactly zero planning on the campaign. Nobody knew our plan. I allowed myself to let it slide.
      When Ludo and I agreed April 1st was a solid date to start our campaign, I started teasing April Fool’s Day. People knew. Ludo and I kicked it into gear.
      The week before our campaign begins Ludo is neck deep in graphic design for another customer. I had my daughter’s spring break trip, and am now in the middle of five straight days of work leading directly into the beginning of the Kickstarter.
      Part of me wonders if I might slide the campaign back a week if people didn’t know. But I can’t, because they do. They know because I announced it.
     I’m so happy I did. We’re ready. Sure there’s a lot to do. There will always be a lot to do. The parachutes are packed. They’re double-checked. We’re jumping April first. No doubt about it, because we announced it.
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