Hurricane Irma Update

I can’t tell you how good it feels to have people checking in on me before this storm hits. But I feel like maybe I can save everyone a little time by posting here for everyone interested. Situation Report We are as ready as we can be. We always have a small Hurricane Supply at […]

Searching Sandman #6, David Brown part 3

David hasn’t admitted he’s sick of me yet, so I’m continuing the conversation with him about the sixth issue of Sandman titled “24 Hour Diner.” At the end of our last talk (found here: ) I’d just asked David what he thought Gaiman did really well in this issue (spoilers ahead): David: What Gaiman got […]

Searching Sandman 6, David Brown Part 2

My conversation with Horror writer David Brown continues. An introduction to David can be found here: I wanted to talk to him because I feel like Sandman 6 is the most effective horror issue in the entire series. I’m really not a huge horror aficionado, and am definitely not a horror writer, I wanted […]


The Last Show at the Wreck Bar   By Kevin Joseph   This is unusual for me. Usually, when I’m done with a story, I’m done with it. This time, however I have to write it again. I just keep getting stuck on the difference between the truth and the facts. If you happened to […]