Want to read Sandman with me?

The best writing advice I’ve ever heard came from Stephen King: Write every day. Read every day. I have been a failure at following that advice, but it still rings true. I do try to write or read every day in one way or another. So that’s something. When I read, I read for enjoyment. […]

One month of #5×52

If you remember I’ve started a new self-help ritual for the 2017 year I’m calling #5×52. The short description is this: I’m spending at least five hours a week practicing illustration for one year and seeing what that means. The long descriptions is here: http://www.kechalcomics.com/5×52/ Anyway, we’re one month in and I’ve see quite a […]


I was raised with a fixed mindset. I didn’t know this then. But I do now. As a father, with access to tons more research than my parents had (partially due to 35 plus years of science, and partially because the internet brings that research within reach) I’ve learned that I wish I didn’t. Instead […]

NYCC – The Good Stuff!

It occurs to me that in my haste to explain how Hurricane Matthew affected our New York Comic Con this year, I did a terrible job explaining all the many things that went right. I always try to stay positive about comics and my adventures in writing and selling them. But I also try to be […]

New York Comic Con Part 2

Yesterday I filled you in on the trials and tribulations of getting to New York Comic Con. TL:DR: Hurricane Matthew made it necessary for me to buy last minute tickets to New York for my wife and kid, caused Chris Brennan to miss his flight and left me to envision working four of the busiest […]