Hurricane Irma Update

I can’t tell you how good it feels to have people checking in on me before this storm hits.

But I feel like maybe I can save everyone a little time by posting here for everyone interested.

Situation Report

We are as ready as we can be. We always have a small Hurricane Supply at the ready. And took Irma seriously from the get go. We have far more than the recommended 3 days of water and food, which we usually try to have on hand, but with FEMA being busy with the devastation in Houston we wanted to be certain we were more than covered. Both cars have basically a full tank of gas and we have a generator with extra gas to run it should power be out a long time (we struck out on extra propane, so we might eat our beans cold at some point. First world problem if I’ve EVER heard one).

I’d give anything for the people of Houston to not have suffered as they have, but at the very least, Floridians have at least seen their situation and attacked prep for this storm more seriously than I have ever seen. It has made procuring water and gas (and of course, the impossible to find propane) much more difficult than usual. But that also means we will as a community be much more prepared for whatever loss of power becomes us.

Why didn’t you evacuate?

I bet the best question for anyone not here will be why people didn’t leave?

Evacuation, IF IT WAS POSSIBLE, would be the best option. But because Florida is a peninsula, there are only so many directions you can travel. And since the entire peninsula of Florida is basically in the danger zone, the entire state is prepping. That means those of us in the southern part of the state have no idea if there will be gas for us to continue our journey north. In fact, we’ve been told that no, there will not be gas available. This means that moving North is actually much more dangerous than hunkering down. Being in your home is much safer than being in your car somewhere.

As someone who usually takes these things seriously, and has grown accustomed to Florida ignoring them, this has come as a surprise.  I’m certainly happy people are taking it seriously, but a bit chagrined they aren’t taking it seriously at their normal pace so I can get the heck out of dodge : )

Where will I stay?


My house is fifty some years old. In hurricane prep the older the home, the better. It means it survived quite a few storms before what’s coming. We have concerns about the roof, but have scouted four spots in the home we will ride out the storm in based on most safe to less most safe, and have multiple other rooms we will go to if the shit hits the fan.

Everything is shuttered up, so we’ve done what we can.

Gallows Humor.

Expect to see me joking through this entire ordeal. It does not mean I’m not taking it seriously. Humor is my LITERAL defense mechanism. The more concerned and uncomfortable I am, the more likely I am to crack a joke. It’s the fat kid in middle school in me that learned he could get the pretty girls’ attention if he made them laugh. It’s my go-to.

I hope to God, whatever jokes I make, make you laugh. Nothing will give me more pleasure through this than if my silliness can make you laugh. Do not be afraid to joke back. I could use the laughs.

If you are the praying type, I’d be quite happy if you asked for general safety of everyone in Irma’s path. The islands she will hit first are especially vulnerable. We aren’t immune to her, but I do not want to ignore the fact that they are in as much, or more, danger as we are.

In Closing

I’m calm, but concerned.  This is the biggest storm I’ve ever seen coming this way. But I was also very concerned by Matthew last year and he didn’t do much damage in Florida. So we’ll see.

I might not have power for awhile, but will update on twitter ( @bnokj ) when I can.


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