If I could Join Free Comic Book Day

As I said in my last post, I’ll be spending FCBD at work. So no comics for me. No selling comics. No buying comics (read the last post to hear why that’s important). And definitely, definitely no free comics.

If I could go to FCBD though, what would I get?

This is one of those live vicariously, thought exercises, so please indulge me. I’m assuming that the shop I visit will have enough copies of everything ordered that I don’t have to worry about them running out of my selections. I’m also going on the theory that I can only have 5 books, as most shops put some kind of limit on the freebies they offer (again, read the last post. But if you want the cliff’s notes version – The shops you visit BOUGHT THOSE FREE COMICS!).

Without further adieu:

1) And Emily was Gone.



I read the first issue of And Then Emily Was Gone limited series last year and was blown away. The story by John Lees was unnerving and original. The art by Iain Laurie is gnarly in both senses of the word (Think Michelangelo screaming “Gnarly” after a righteous kick to Shredder’s gonads, think also a 13 year old girl with an attitude, mumbling “Gnarly” when she sees her parents kiss). He described it to me on twitter as “like a children’s book drawn by a mental patient.”

Put the art and story together though and you get damn close to perfection.

I never finished the story because I couldn’t find issues 2, 3 or 4. I could have bought 5, but instead just purchased the tpb on Amazon last night.  I figured it was time to binge read this horror tale about a mythical being that might be murdering teens in Scotland, and the detective who’s brought on to catch it because he’s always seeing (imaginary???) monsters. This is a head trip of a delusion of mystery of a gory thriller (I think?).

And now there’s another chapter in the story. I want some!!!

I’m also a big fan of the publisher Comixtribe. They are doing solid work building an indie company that is growing towards some serious success. And they share every thing they learn on their website (comixtribe.com) for all of us to listen and learn from. My favorite part of their essays is they aren’t afraid to admit when they make mistakes. I admit to begging, borrowing and stealing from Comixtribe at every step of Kechal Comics evolution and I suggest any other indie creator do the same. But first support them by making their FCBD a success!

2) Secret Wars


I admit that I care nothing about this event. Nothing Marvel has done has made me interested in this story or how it will shake up the Universe (besides bringing Wolverine back from the dead after an extraordinarily long 4 month absence).

I also admit that my dumb ass would grab this in a heartbeat. The Marvel Zombie in me knows it ain’t good for me, but I just can’t quit it.

(Note: If I had been a DC guy growing up, I bet DIVERGENCE would be replacing this title)

3) Defend Comics


Simply put, this book raises awareness (and hopefully money, though I’m not sure) for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. If grabbing this helps the CBLDF, then I’m gonna grab it.

4) Neil Gaiman’s Lady Justice


This is a reprint of a Neil Gaiman led book not written by Neil Gaiman???

Don’t ask me. But Neil Gaiman. So I need it.

I know that I have the original of this somewhere in my collection, and have never read it, because it’s not actually written by Neil Gaiman.

I would still grab this comic because

Neil Gaiman.



I recently acquired the entire run of IDW’s new Turtles series and have been reading them with my daughter whenever time allows. We’re having such a blast with them that I would have to grab it for her. It is literally one of those things that I will remember doing with her when she graduates high school and I hope one of the things she cherishes when I’m just a memory.


Just kidding, I made a hard cut off. No more!

There are plenty of other VERY worthy books out there (Can’t believe I didn’t make room for The Tick – but in the end, Ben Edlund didn’t write/draw it so I can forgive myself), but these would be the five I tried to get home with.

The entire list of books you can choose from can be found here: http://www.freecomicbookday.com/Home/1/1/27/981 and a store locator can be found here: http://www.freecomicbookday.com/storelocator

Hope you can get out and get your own picks, enjoy the day and SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL COMIC SHOPS!!!!!!!!!


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