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Long time, no blog. Though for me, not even close to a record!

I’ve been swamped with work and delivering the Kickstarter rewards for the Tart #5 campaign. And now I’m preparing for the New York Comic Con this October 8th-11th. Which brings me to this blog post.

NYCC is officially the largest Comic Convention in the United States. If you’re going, you better be ready with some comfortable walking shoes and a plan. I personally must find time away from my booth to see the guys from The League, anybody from Firefly and Kevin Smith and his comic book men.

Believe me I know that’s the draw. And I don’t have a problem with it. But as an Indie Creator who spends 98% of his con budget each year exhibiting at NYCC, can I ask you to carve out an hour or two of your weekend in the Small Press Section?

Yes, preferably our Kechal Comics (Booth 1168),


but you’d do me a favor checking out any of the publishers that are there. They are all just like me. Up and coming creators with passion and belief and barely a dollar behind them. And man, some of their books are top notch.

Small Press is where your next group of big name comic creators is going to be found. As more and more established pros move off to television and film, or heck, even to Image, slots are going to open at Marvel, DC, DC, Dark Horse, IDW, Boom etc. And they will be reaching down into the independent crowd to fill their roster.

That painter you see may be the next variant cover artist for Dark Horse. That writer pitching you her four issue mini about space elves attacking The Super Bowl might script the next arc of Nightwing.

You don’t know. But if you check out their (our) books, give feedback, and if the book strikes you, a purchase… Man, you just don’t understand what that means to us.

The positive and negative of the Small Press area in any convention is that every book or company is unique. Positive: you won’t have thirty years of continuity to decipher to understand a book. Negative: There will be no continuity for you to lean on to decide if a book is for you. Positive: there haven’t been major media bastardizations of the characters to corrupt the writer’s vision. Negative: There haven’t been ANY media characterizations, so you’ll have to be introduced sight unseen.

That’s why I recommend you study up before the con begins. If you will; please allow me to be self-serving for the rest of the post.

The absolute best way to study up is to find out which groups will be at the con and see if there is a way to pick up books at a store near you. And if not, do they have them up digitally.

At Kechal Comics we have five issues of Tart available digitally on Comixology.


Tart is a fantasy thriller about a time traveling demon hunter. It’s part Buffy, Part Doctor Who and part Sandman rolled into a sweet little treat.

The first three issues are .99 cents apiece and issues 4 and 5 are $1.99. So for three dollars you can read the introduction of our character and for seven dollars you can read every issue we’ve completed. They’re all here if you’re interested:

“What a jerk move,” you say. “I know what this is! You want me to buy your book digitally and then have to buy it physically, adding $7 to my cost.”

Not exactly. Though, we love and thank all those who double-dip (as our buddy Jason Ford of The Wombmates calls it), this offer isn’t about that. If you purchase Tart on Comixology and buy the books from us at NYCC, I will give you a dollar for dollar discount on the purchase of your physical books.

Buy Tart 1-3 for $3, get $3 dollars off the book at the show. Buy all five issues for $7, get $7 off the cost of our books at the show. This will be in addition to any show specials we are offering when you walk up.

I am not trying to get you to spend another penny on Tart than you would reading it cold. I’m just trying to help you do your research. And honestly I believe in my book. I think if you read it on Comixology you’ll want a copy. And if you do, I want you to have one.

Whether you try out Tart or not, whether you hit Small Press or not, I hope your NYCC is the best experience for you it can possibly be.


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