We’ll try this blogging thing again,

I’m pretty terrible at blogging. I want to get into the habit but life seems to always get in the way. With a job, a wife, a daughter and the writing and marketing of comics, making posts always seems to fall by the wayside. Much like exercise.

And just like exercise, it would be smart of me to make time for a blog. You all deserve some insight into what’s happening at Kechal COmics with Tart and UnderWars.

So what is happening? Pretty neat things. I’d like to say incredible, because they are such wonderful and baffling surprises to me, but I also don’t want to oversell. So I’ll go with neat.

First Tart. As you may know, we just crowdfunded a printing of Tart #4 through Kickstarter. We more than tripled our initial goal which is simply astounding. The book that will come of this should be simply breathtaking. We can afford a diecut cover which Ludo has devised (and it’s beautiful). Plus two variant covers. One for Kickstarter backers and one exclusively for New York Comic Con.

Kickstarter Variant cover starring Cherry Macabre.

Kickstarter Variant cover starring Cherry Macabre.

New York City Comic Con variant.

New York City Comic Con variant.

When I get a better image of the Die cut cover I’ll post it, but Ludo is on a very well-deserved vacation and i’m a moron about almost anything technical.

But it’s not just what the amount we raised can buy us (it’s a lot that, I admit), it’s the energy of our supporters telling the outside world that this is a book that’s worth paying attention to that matters. We have had the good fortune to have made friends with some unbelievably generous people, some with their wallets and many more with their time and voices. We appreciate everyone of you/them. A conversation with a friend about our book is so helpful So whether you can give $300 or just a retweet, we accept it and appreciate it.

UnderWars is also back up and running. My co author and artist C. M. Brennan has had a few life changing situations over the last year and had a bit of trouble getting art finished. But he’s back at (the literal) drawing board and I’m happy to say is drawing better than he ever has in his life. His pencils are sharper and crisper. And the jokes are hitting very well.

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t introduce the newest member of the Kechal Comics team: David C. Hopkins. Both of our books needed help with the lettering in order for us to look more professional. I was lucky enough to meet David on twitter and ofter checking his portfolio gave him a shot on Tart 4 and 5 in order to not just raise our level of product, but to give Ludo a break. It’s been a very succesful experiment and we hope to have David be a part of most or all of the books in our foreseeable future.

If history is any indication, expect another post about February of 2016.


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